Butter Handling System

Butter Handling System
Product Description
We are putting forth durable stainless steel Butter Handling Machine that is broadly introduced in pastry kitchen, dairy and nourishment commercial enterprises. This is developed from high review stainless steel metal that adds to the framework's strength and keeps it consumption free. In this, the solidified spread piece is raised and tilted utilizing margarine tilter into the blender. Here, the blender comprises of blade edge grille that is warmed utilizing electrical instigation for viable and uniform blending of butter. These are applicable in various industries such as bakery industry, food industry and others. The high speed rate ensures a proper blending and consistent product quality.

Features of Butter System Machine:

1) It saves lots of cost by minimizing manpower and handling expenses.
2) It increases productivity and produce lots of butter within a small time frame
3) The accuracy of butter dispense makes it an effective machine
4) The machine is equipped with steel knife edge grille for absolute mixing.

Butter Handling Machine Applications:

1) Butter processing industry
2) Bakery industry
3) Food industry

Beneficial Factors:

1) Correct amount of butter is supplied
2) Steady artifact standard is well-kept
3) Reduction is handling losses and manpower yields saving in cost
4) Accelerated productivity

Working Process:

Block of chilled butter is raised and tilted by utilizing butter tilter into butter blender, which has a sharp knife grille that is heated through electrical induction. The butter is sheared and passes into the blender and is tempered by flowing tempered water. Then, the tempered butter is pumped into load cell center by using SS screw pump. Further, PLC regulator is used to facilitate multiple requirement centers running on various recipes.
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